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If you are planning to study in New Zealand must obtain a student visa in order to undertake study or training in New Zealand, unless you are:

1. a New Zealand citizen; or
2. the holder of a residence class visa; or
3. the holder of a student visa; or
4. the holder of a limited visa granted for the express purpose of attending a programme of study or training; or
5. the holder of any other type of temporary entry class visa whose conditions have been varied to authorise the holder to undertake a programme of study in New Zealand; or

Temporary visa holders can undertake one or more programmes of study of not more than three calendar monthsТ duration in total per 12-month period without obtaining a student visa.

Unless otherwise specified, to be granted a student visa to attend a programme of study of more than three months, you must:

1. have an offer of a place or, if returning to continue a programme of study, a confirmation of enrolment in an approved programme of study with an education provider in New Zealand that meets student visa requirements and
2. be exempted from or have paid tuition fees; and
3. if aged under 18, meet accommodation requirements; and
4. have fulfilled the purpose and met the conditions for any previous or current temporary visas held; and
5. not be the holder of a current visitor visa granted under Guardians accompanying students to New Zealand instructions and
6. hold acceptable insurance (unless you are a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) student or a New Zealand Aid Programme-supported student.

You must:

1. lodge an application for a temporary entry class visa and
2. to be bona fide applicants; and
3. to meet health and character requirements.

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