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Tauranga Immigration & Translation

Licenced Immigration Adviser & Russian Language Specialist in Tauranga

We assist people from all countries to visit, to study, to work , to live in New Zealand.


Categories of foreign students:

1. Fully supported students

New Zealand Aid Programme-supported students, for which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is responsible

2. Exchange students

Students studying under reciprocal exchange schemes approved by the Minister of Education are considered to be domestic students for the purposes of attending primary and secondary schools and are exempt from paying foreign tuition fees

3. Vocational trainees:

Air New Zealand trainees

Nautical students

Religious trainees

New Zealand Aid Programme Short-Term Training Scholarship (STTS) trainees

4. Fee-paying foreign students

Students must meet the full costs of their programme of study, whether by themselves or with the help of family members, friends, home governments, or others (such as the United Nations). This category includes students studying at private training establishments, such as those offering English language courses.

Post-Study work visa (duration 1-3 years) may be granted after completion following:

• qualification at level 7 to 10 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework that has been studied full-time for at least 30 weeks in New Zealand; or

• single qualification at level 4 to 6 that has been studied full-time for at least 60 weeks in New Zealand; or

• two qualifications at levels 4 to 6 that have been studied full-time for at least 60 weeks in New Zealand (including at least 30 weeks per qualification) and the second qualification is at a higher level than the first qualification; and

Please contact us for free assessment of your eligibility

for New Zealand student visa.



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