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We assist people from all countries to visit, to study, to work , to live in New Zealand.

Types of NZ visitor visa:

General visitor visa

Visitors to New Zealand are limited to a maximum stay on a visitor visa of nine months. A visitor visa allows the applicant to stay in New Zealand for a total of no more than nine months in the 18-month period before the proposed expiry date of the visa.

In some cases, applicant may be granted a further three-month visa, allowing a maximum stay of 12 months. The applicant who has been in New Zealand for 12 months must remain outside New Zealand for 12 months before a further application for a visitor visa may be approved.

Special categories of visitors who may be granted visitor visa:

1. Group visas

2. Business visitor

3. Partner and dependent children of student or work visa holders

4. Partner of New Zealand citizens or residence class visa holders

5. Dependent children of New Zealand citizens or residence class visa holders

6. Children entering New Zealand for adoption

7. Children adopted overseas before their New Zealand citizenship is confirmed

8. Person, entering New Zealand for the purpose of culturally arranged marriage

9. Person, entering New Zealand for the purpose of medical treatment or consultation

10. Person, wanting to obtain occupational registration in New Zealand

11. Person associated with a Contracting Party to the Antarctic Treaty and other Antarctic travellers

12. Person visiting Media Programme (VMP)

13. Pitcairn Islanders

14. Conference delegates

15. Crew member joining vessels or aircraft

16. Visitor, arriving by yacht or private aircraft

17. Owner and crew of super yachts

18. Sports people, support staff, match and tournament officials and media and broadcasting personnel associated with sports events, tours or tournaments

19. Refugee or protection status claimants

20. German law students and graduates

21. Guardian accompanying students to New Zealand

22. APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Travel Cardholders

23. Parent and grandparent multiple entry visitor visa instructions

24. Work visa holders dismissed during a trial period

25. Temporary Retirement Category (must be aged 66 years or over)

26. Partner and dependent children of military visa holders

27. Visiting academic

28. Child victim of people trafficking

29. Performers and/or immediate support crews may be granted a visitor visa to participate in an ‘approved’ arts or music festival.

30. Performers, and their immediate support crew, being promoted in New Zealand by a promoter on Immigration New Zealand’s Approved Promoter List are considered to be ‘short-term live entertainment acts’ and may be granted a visitor visa to perform in New Zealand.

31. Tour escort accompanying tour groups to undertake their duties in New Zealand

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